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Avoid placing your bags on the ground to prevent damage, but also do it for hygiene purposes. 

Subways, floors, and restaurants are teeming with germs, and purses easily become vessels for carrying bacteria into your home.
bag on the floor

"There is an old saying that goes 'A purse on the floor is money out the door" and "Do not place your purse on the floor." 

This superstition is considered to be bad Feng shui because your purse is seen as a symbol of your wealth. Putting it on the floor is, therefore, a sign of great disrespect and disregard for your money.
Whether you believe that or not, there's a practical side to this credo. Placing your purse on the floor makes it easier for someone to snatch it or steal something from it.
bag on the floor
If this resonates with you in any way, you seriously need to get yourself a purse hook. They’re inexpensive, compact enough to carry everywhere, and so useful.

With a Luxe Link Purse hook, You are able to safely secure your bags under the table, free from the germ cesspools and spilled food or beverages.

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