• What is Luxe Link?

    Luxe Link is a fashion accessory, or purse hook, that hangs women’s purses to keep them off the floor.[1] The company was founded by American entrepreneur Kalika Yap, who also holds the patent for inventing the Luxe Link. Luxe Link sells its line of purse hooks online through its website and at retail in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

  • Why choose Luxe Link?

    1. An original, patented design
    2. Made with recycled zinc alloy
    3. Designed & final assembly in California
    4. Magnetic lock to keep it close
    5. Transforms into a stylish charm
    6. Holds up to 15lbs
    7. Celebrities love it!
    8. A large variety of designs
    9. The Beatles and Hello Kitty licenses
    10. They're beautifully packaged and make great gifts
  • Is Luxe Link patented?

    On February 19, 2013, Luxe Link announced a $350,000 settlement of its patent-infringement lawsuit against online retailer Provide Commerce Inc. Luxe Link filed the lawsuit in U.S. Federal District Court in Los Angeles in 2012, accusing Provide Commerce of selling patent-infringing purse hooks on RedEnvelope.com. As part of the settlement, Provide Commerce began selling Luxe Link exclusively on RedEnvelope.

  • How Luxe Link started?

    Kalika Yap first got the idea for Luxe Link in 2004 while eating dinner in Italy when she placed her purse on the table to avoid placing it on the floor. The restaurant owner gave her a metal purse hook instead to allow her to hang the purse on the table, and she got the idea to create something more fashionable for women to hang their purses.

    In 2005, she researched the market, finding that there were already purse hooks sold in the U.S., but realized she could improve the design. With a team of designers, she created the Luxe Link, designing it to be a charm that hangs on a purse strap that doubles as a purse hanger when needed.


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