Luxe Link™, based in Santa Monica is founded by former New York University roommates, who live glamorous lives in the most fashionable corners of the world.

Their goal? To help every woman reach their vogue nirvana. Kalika Nacion Yap, (a Honolulu native), is the CEO of Luxe Link™ and also the CEO of a snazzy interactive design agency in sunny Santa Monica, California. She spends time with her two beautiful kids Malia and Kailani and handsome and inspirational husband Rodney. Kalika also launched another business (a high-end luxury waxing studio) called "The Waxing Company" in Honolulu. When Kalika's not running her businesses, she loves lingering over afternoon tea, roaming through book stores and keeping her handbag off the floor with the "Flourished Initial K" Luxe Link™ purse holder.

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