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Let's be honest. We love Handbags, We love the style, we love the designs, and the designer itself.

To make it easier for you to get inspired, we’ve compiled our top five favorite handbag blogs for you to explore. We hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of them as we do.


1. PurseBlog


 purseblog website


PurseBlog and PurseForum are the Internet’s largest, most popular sources of news and information on designer handbags and accessories.

PurseBlog was started in early 2005 by Meaghan Mahoney Dusil and Vlad Dusil as a fun way to explore Megs’ love for handbags. Megs and Vlad were both college students then, but their combined talents struck a nerve in an online world where blogging was just beginning to gain traction.


2. BagSnob




Tina Craig is a pioneer in the digital space, having launched one of the first fashion blogs, BagSnob, in 2005.

With a rich media background and television host experience behind her, Tina amassed a global audience of luxury oriented readers. As her site grew, her content evolved to include lifestyle, travel, beauty, and trend forecasting.

She has worked as a brand ambassador, consultant, designer, and stylist, collaborating with the most venerable brands including Prada, Cartier, Valentino, Dior, Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Victoria Beckham, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Net-a-porter.com and many others.

With the newly re-launched site, BagSnob.com, expect insider access to the ultimate curation of style. She lives in Dallas with her husband and son.


3. Bagbliss


bagbliss website


About Bagbliss

We here at Bag Bliss the Bag Blog love to cover a little bit of everything, handbag related! Some of the topics we cover are daily designer handbag reviews, celebrity bag style, handbag designer interviews, runway purse reviews, bag trends for the current season, designer bag deals, sample sales, a community for the handbag obsessed, and designer handbag Giveaways!


4. The Bag Hag Diaries


The Bag Hag Diaries


Launched in 2005 by handbag enthusiast Ingrid Chau-Go, she is proof that our love for fabulous purses may lead us to great heights, not just to a paltry bank balance. She penned her first article during a heated debate she was having with her inner voice on a very tricky question we all can relate to: whether to buy a limited edition Louis Vuitton bag or a couch for the home.

5. PurseBop


 PurseBop website


The experts at PurseBop have done the hard work in crunching the number and presenting them for your convenience under their ‘Handbag Math’ section. You can find out clever ways on how to own your favorite designer bag at a much cheaper price, for instance, by buying it in Paris, instead of in the US. Leaving nothing out, they even cover the VAT (value-added tax) and customs procedures! Read more.