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Best friends are hard to find and worth keeping around. The love story of two true friends is always just as unique as it is heartwarming. Do you have a friend soulmate?

As a lady grows up, friendship bracelets and necklaces are left behind. However, here are some ways to know you have a genuine bond with your gal pal without sparkly jewelry or even having to ask.

1. You share a weekly meal.

Good conversation over salad, tapas, or just wine and cheese can form a bond, no diet could break.

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-Even though we grew old, have different jobs, became busy, we still need to have quality time with our friends, it will going to be our escape route to all toxicity in our life. There are things that are hard to tell our family and sometimes our friends are the only ones that we can talk to. Sharing a good meal, story, a good laugh over wine will always be a nice way to relax our mind.

2. You text each other Good Morning and Good Night!

We love Viber stickers in helping express our love in picture form.

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-There might be times that we will go to different ways, might be due to our work, our busy schedule, and because of these things we might be separated from our friends. But it doesn't mean that we will be our of their reach. There will be always different modes of communication that we can use to communicate with them. A simple text of Good morning or Good night will serve as a reminder that we haven't forgotten them.

3. You "like" all of each other's photos on Instagram. And... you notice if your best friend does not "like" one of yours!

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-Simple as this, like their photos, and they will like yours!

4. You know exactly what your friend's type is in a significant other.

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-We don't keep secrets from our friends, we always tell them everything especially when it comes to a person that we like. That's why our friends can easily tell us if we like the person even before we know it ourselves.

5. And last but not least, you have matching Luxe Link products.

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 -A matching Luxe Link product will be a good item between our group of friends. You can checkout out Luxe Link products and decide what do you like to buy.

Enjoy your weekend!