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What happens if you place your handbag or purse on the floor?

Some believe it causes bad luck in your financial life, others say that if you disrespect the bag you carry where your money is kept, then you will lose money based on your respect to your own money. 


purple bag on the floor


According to Marie, this will stop you from carting around ‘yesterday’s receipts, loose papers, and wrappers’ plus any unnecessary items (and with handbags being a major cause of back pain, we can definitely see the benefits of lightening the load).


bag on shoulder



Do you carry your bag on one shoulder? Then you could be in trouble! ‘Using a handbag on one side causes one shoulder to drop forwards over time’ says Alex. ‘This shoulder then drags on the upper back and neck and causes discomfort. Swapping the handbag regularly from shoulder to shoulder, or ideally using a backpack, are simple solutions.’ Can’t stand the thought of ditching your tote? Try exercises to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder, as this will stop it dropping forwards to such an extent.


Another Reason 'WHY' You should never put Your Bag on the Floor. 


handbag on the floor



Where has it been – on the floor of a public toilet or a bus? Did you put it straight on your desk or on the worktop? That’s how to transfer some very bad germs. 

You carry it with you almost everywhere — restaurants, grocery stores, and public restrooms, to name a few — but just how germy is your purse? Researchers have found several forms of bacteria on purses, particularly on the straps. Bacteria can transfer onto your bag after you pick up germs from a contaminated surface — such as a restroom door handle — then touch your purse.

No need to stress out, though: Not all bacteria cause illness. And you can protect yourself from disease-causing germs by:

Not placing your bag on the ground or floor whenever possible. Bathroom floors are notoriously germy, so hang your bag on a hook.