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1. Spray lemon juice.

Squeeze lemon juice mixed with water in your hair to get that "sun kissed" look. 


1. Mix water and lemon juice together.

2. Put your solution in a bottle and spray into hair.

3. Lay out in sun for one hour. For lighter results, stay up to thirty minutes more.

4. Reapply lemon juice again and sit out for thirty more minutes.

5. Finally, rinse out and put in conditioner (mixture might cause dryness).  


2. Coat your hair with honey


Restore your hair's natural moisture, while lightening it as well by leaving the honey and rinsing out after.


1. Mix honey, a little bit of water, apple cider, or vinegar.

2. Lather in hair and cover with a shower cap.

3. Leave in for two hours, or overnight for maximum results.

4. Rinse out when finished.


3. Camomille Tea Rinse

Thicken and lighten your hair using chamomille tea.


1. Brew a few cups of pure chamomille tea.

2. Pour it through your hair. 

3. Let it soak for up to thirty minutes.

4. Rinse out and condition. 


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