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Travel Must-Have: Luxe Link

loui vuitton

Whether you’re vacationing at a resort or camping in the great outdoors, Luxe Link bag hanger/hook makes #travel easier, cleaner, and more convenient.



  • Changing rooms
  • Camp bathrooms
  • Hiking trail hanger
  • Sightseeing overlooks

Beach or Road Trips:

  • Clip bags to passenger seat headrest post
  • Rest stops
  • Cafes and coffee stops 
  • Beach bathrooms


at restaurants with luxe link


Day Trips:

  • Sightseeing buses
  • Shopping
  • Tours
  • Restrooms

Cruise ships and Resorts:

  • Casino gaming tables
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Spas
  • Poolside


Furla bag with purse hanger


Purse on the Floor Money out the Door



animal print

Luxe Link hooks also come in gorgeous animal-inspired prints and beautiful bold designs that go along with any handbags from your collection! 

To see more, just click on the image or visit https://www.luxelink.com/collections/all