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Purse on the Floor Money out the Door
The bathroom floor could be harboring more germs than any other area of the bathroom according to experts. Why take the chance? With the Luxe link Purse Hook/Hanger, you’ll never have to put your bag on the floor. 
Purse hanger
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 You’ll always find a place to hang your bag. It’s small enough to stash anywhere, is easy to open and deploy (because calling attention to yourself as you fuss with your purse is not chill), and takes up almost zero room at the table.
Luxe link Purse Hook/Hanger will save you every time you’re in a public bathroom. You’ll never have to put your bag on the floor and works in seconds—no set-up! You’ll always find a place to hang your bag.
 Luxe Link Purse Hook/Hanger isn’t like other purse hangers. You’ll never have to search for it in your purse. Just attach it to your purse strap, and it will always be handy.


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