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Women certainly know how frustrating it is to not have a place to hold a purse or handbag in restaurants and offices. This same attention to detail pertains to shopping bags and backpacks too. One might expect that restaurants and other dining areas would have purse hooks to accommodate, but that’s still rarely the case in most commercial establishments.
Even in elegant environments that don’t exactly feel “homey”, employees still need a safe place to store their belongings to comfortably work.
Every seat in a restaurant is important. Every seat has a dollar value assigned to it, so why let someone waste that space to store a purse when you could instead have a paying customer occupying that space?

Think of your chairs as a means for profit, not a space to store belongings. The more chairs that are occupied with bodies, the more opportunity for profit. So it doesn’t make sense to waste seating space as a purse holder – install a purse hook under the dining top instead.
These hooks are specially designed to seamlessly integrate with any space. And the placement of the hooks is “hidden”, so only the person using it sees it (and even then, it’s not “visible” unless the customer peeks underneath or reaches to see if it’s there). So, there’s no need to worry about the hooks interfering with the overall design.
Luxe Link Purse Hooks will help you keep your Employees or Customers coming back.
Works in seconds—no set-up! Simply attach it to your bag strap, open either end and hang your purse almost anywhere. Clear, non-slip pads protect surfaces with sturdy gripping power. 
This simple, elegant purse accessory prevents contact with germs, water, and dirt, extending the life of your handbag.