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For the handbag obsessives, let's dive into the latter a little more. This year will bring a fresh array of bag designs, and already we've got a sneak peek of what both spring and fall 2020 collections have to offer. In order to make all this information digestible, here are the top bag trends to know for 2020. Bookmark this page or text it to your group chat, because everyone deserves to know about the latest must-buy arm candy.


Hobo Bags

boho bag
This style is defined by their crescent shape and slouchy silhouette complete with a handle or strap that makes it easy to wear over your shoulders. Though they were once on the arms of every It-girl in the early 2000s, trends like micro purses have eclipsed their popularity. Have no fear, though—in 2020 hobo handbags are making a comeback in all sizes and textures. We spotted them on the fall 2020 runways of Brandon Maxwell (above) and at Zimmermann, so designers are poised to get this design back on your shelf asap.

Chain Embellished Bags

 Chain Embellished Bags

Chains are popping up everywhere, from your jewelry to shoes and now handbags. Look for your favorite totes, satchels, and minaudières to all receive a chain strap as an added detail. Tory Burch's fall 2020 collection debuted a host of chain-embellished handbags (as pictured above) while JW Anderson decided to make it the statement design on its accessories. Meanwhile, Ulla Johnson offered glamorous thick, braided chained bags on its fall runways. If you're feeling ambitious and crafty, you might even want to DIY your own gold or silver chain on a bag in your closet.